Information for Mentees



"It has become clear to me personally that I can be proud of what I have already achieved and, accordingly, can confidently present myself." Mentee 2017




"I am very satisfied with the personal and professional progress I have made through the program." Mentee 2016




"After every meeting with [my mentor] I went home motivated with many new thoughts, impulses, views and perspectives... which I will continue to draw on for a long time." Mentee 2014


Conditions of Participation

  • You are a Bachelor's, Master's, doctoral student* or recent alumna* (up to one year after graduation) of the University of Konstanz or the Konstanz University of Applied Sciences?
  • You want to prepare for your career entry?
  • Do you have questions about career profiles, entry opportunities, application procedures and/or corporate cultures or also about the compatibility of professional and private life and special life situations?

If so, you can apply for the Mentoringprogramm Konstanz.

* Women and gender minorities (students whose identities do not correspond to standardized gender identities, e.g. transgender, transsex, intersex) are addressed.

The Course of the Program

You can start the Mentoringprogramm Konstanz every semester. The application deadline is May 15th and November 15th of each year.

The program is based on three pillars:

1. Mentoring

One-year one-to-one mentoring with a mentor from business, politics, culture, or science

2. Accompanying workshop program

Three mandatory workshops:

  • Positioning: Determining where you currently are in terms of your strengths, weaknesses, goals, and motives
  • Communication and Self-Presentation
  • Networking

3. Networking

  • Regular meetings in Success Teams with other mentees
  • Kick-off and closing event with all mentors and mentees

The Application Process

  1. Use the online registration form to send us your data including CV, a one-page letter of motivation, and certificates of your internships, if applicable. The registration deadline is May 15th and November 15th of each year.
  2. You will receive an appointment with us to discuss your wishes and goals for the program.
  3. You will receive confirmation of whether you can participate in the program at the end of the conversation.